Thank you to everyone that attended the First Annual 2019 Pensacola Mini Maker Faire! Makers, Sponsors, and Volunteers came from all around to make this exciting new event come to life, and it couldn’t have happened without all of the hands-on help that was received!


The First Annual Pensacola Mini Maker Faire had almost 100 Makers at the event with thrilling exhibits, booths, and performances, and also over 5,000 eager and enthusiastic individuals that came to see these Makers and learn what exactly makes them a “Maker”! We are expecting many more to register for the 2020 Pensacola Maker Faire and a much bigger crowd to attend as well.


A few of our featured Makers from the 2019 event included the world renowned, New York Times bestselling author, Jane McGonigal – Gaming for a Better World, the thrilling Musical Tesla Coils and the Flaming Royal Trumpets that each put on a remarkable show for their viewers, and so many other Makers, that reached all different audiences, including: droids, experimental sound sculptures, robots, cosplay, flying axes, blacksmithing, and more.


We are so excited to see what our previous Makers bring to the 2020 Pensacola Maker Faire, and what our new Makers will add to the Faire! Stay tuned for updates on registration, applications, tickets, and Maker schedules!


What would you like to see return in 2020?